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Soliciting Midterm Feedback  The Easy Way

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Author: Viktor Nordmark

Many educators have started seeing the advantages of collecting midterm feedback from students. The middle of the semester is the perfect time to think about what has been working well and start improving areas that haven't.

And who better to ask for input than your students? Even though few are experts in teaching practices, students can be a great source of insights into your pedagogic methods.

In most cases, midterm evaluations exist to fill one purpose only: Help instructors improve their practices from honest feedback without having to worry about how administrators will react to it.

Research shows that anonymous, qualitative feedback on open-ended questions brings the most constructive and honest feedback. At, we know how important feedback is for professional development. That is why we've developed a software especially aimed at instructor midterm feedback. Our chatbot, Hubert, is trying as best as he can to mimic human chat conversations in order to collect feedback in a more engaging way. He can even ask tailored follow-up questions if a statement is uninformative, too vague or unspecific. Try that with a survey!

To present the findings we are using advanced text-analytics in order to give you a fast comprehensive view of where improvement can be made. Quite handy as classes increase in size, right?

Best of all? It's 100% free.
Give it a try in your next midterm evaluation.


PS. We've just added support to use Hubert when evaluating smaller activities as well, so now you can be even more granular in your feedback process.

2018-10-18 15:8