On this page we've collected the most common questions, and responses to those questions. If you can't find the response you're looking for, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

We’ve built Hubert to replace boring surveys with a conversation, and there is much to gain. According to our many beta users, the greatest advantages Hubert bring include:

  • More qualitative feedback
  • Higher response rates
  • An automated report when results are in

Glad you asked! Visit our How-to page for a quick walkthrough.

If you like to read every response separately, you can easily download them in a detailed .txt-file.
Offensive comments are censored and are not possible to see, swearing alone is not censored.

Of course not, but without email addresses, Hubert can’t reach out to respondents himself so you will have to manually share the evaluation link with them. Note that your respondents won’t be reminded to participate by Hubert if you’re not providing emails.

If you’ve attached your respondents' email addresses, Hubert sends every one of them an email containing information about the process and a link to the evaluation. Upon visiting the link, your respondents will be faced with a web chat interface where Hubert will guide them through the process of giving great feedback. Try it out for yourself here!

Yes. As long as Hubert has access to your respondents email addresses he will remind them on several occasions to have a chat with him.

When you create an evaluation and paste in email addresses, those addresses are only used in that specific evaluation. We do not collect any data from the owners of the email addresses, and we do not use the addresses for anything other than sendouts on your behalf.

Very few of the responses fit solely in one topic. Therefore, if a respondent answers e.g. "More detailed information during the workshop.", you will find that response in "detail", "information" and "workshop".

Hubert only shows you responses that are informative, i.e. he hides responses like "no comments" or "asdfasdfasdf". Download the transcription to see the entire conversations. Note that it may take a few minutes before you see the responses.

Currently he supports English, Swedish, and German.

Yes, you can find it here.

We save some personal information about you so that we can make your experience with Hubert as good as possible. All this personal information comes from you upon signup, together with the cookies we save. This is exactly what we ask for and how we use it:

  • Your email address is your unique identifier for using Hubert, as well as our means of contacting you regarding your evaluations and updates to the service.
  • First name, last name and optional title is used by Hubert as he refers to you when evaluating things.
  • Organization is optional and we don't use it for anything as of yet. However, we are developing organisation based hierarchical functionality where it will be used to find colleagues.
  • Your password is heavily encrypted and we have no idea what it is.
You can read more about the data we collect in our Terms & Conditions.