Hubert vs Surveys

Questions like “Why should I use Hubert instead of a survey” and “I don’t see how Hubert is any better than a normal survey” are questions we sometimes hear from people who haven’t seen the light yet. Let us show you 5 examples of how Hubert will obliterate your old boring surveys.


Reason 1

Messaging - A format your audience loves

Messaging has become big. Incredibly big. Whatsapp holds more than 1.5 billion accounts alone. According to Gartner, 85% of all customer service will be covered by chatbots in 2020.

Collecting feedback is an incredibly important touchpoint for most companies and is often the final step in a business transaction. So why would you like the last impression of you to be that of yet another dull survey?

Surveys are, and have always been, associated with the most boring of tasks. Messaging, on the other hand, is associated

with a natural and fun part of everyday life. According to our research on more than 100.000 respondents, over 85% rate the conversational experience as excellence compared to 9% for traditional surveys experiences.

Survey response rates worldwide have been on a steady decline for years. By using a conversational interface, companies can effectively fight this fact and also interact more closely without using more time. The phrasing and tonality can also be customized to better reflect the brand.

Reason 2

Quantitative reach — Qualitative insights


- Shep Hyken in Forbes

Hubert is trained to mimic the behavior of a real human conversation without the limitations in capacity. That means Hubert is able to extract qualitative data but from any given scale.

“Simple survey questions are good, but when you add the interactive and conversational component of AI, it takes the surveys to a different level. It engages the customer in a survey experience that increases participation and can eliminate survey fatigue.”

Reason 3

Intelligent follow-up

Get to the root cause and make better decisions.

Autonomously inputting follow-up questions such as: Why do you think the customer service was bad?, Anything else we could do to improve?, and What in particular made you feel that way? lead to significantly better data and offers a whole new level of actionability and usefulness.

By having your response acknowledged and interpreted directly in the conversation, it ensures that the respondent understands the importance of their feedback to the company.


Reason 4

Fully flexible responding

What’s the use of responding if I’m not being heard?

Asking your respondents open-ended questions without limiting them in any way is a sure way to get honest and reliable data. The respondents can share their feedback on their own terms rather than focusing on the areas determined by the survey creator.

Hubert supports both open-ended and scale responses to most questions.


Reason 5

Real-time solutions

When Hubert is through digging to the core issue and information is as defined as possible, there’s no limit to what you could do with it. Automate a workflow to inform relevant personnel about issues, create a task to manually follow up or have Hubert reflect your official policy directly in the interface. Respondents often receive a direct solution and the feedback loop can be immediately closed.


But don't just take it from us

What respondents say about Hubert

“Very easy to complete and different from most surveys. It made the experience much more interesting.”


“It was more interactive like I was having a conversation. I wish all surveys were like this.”

Proffessional using Hubert in an employee satisfaction chat

“It was different. Quick, and fun to complete.”

First-time user

“Allows me the freedom to express my opinions in an engaging and interactive way.”

Respondent after using Hubert

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