How it works

A short guide on how to send a Hubert evaluation

To the form

When you're ready to launch an evaluation, create an account to access the dashboard, or log in to your account if you're already a member.

Our evaluation tool currently has one type of evaluation. Simply click on the Start tab in the overhead menu and the form will be there ready for you.


Fill out the form

In the course name box, type the full, formal name of the course you wish to evaluate.

Then type or paste your students' email addresses into the email address box. To make this step even easier, you may save and edit any list for later use.



When you're happy with the form, click 'Send'. A dialogue box will appear. Click 'Send' and Hubert will immediately contact all your students and ask for a few minutes of their time.


The link

Every time you send an evaluation we create a unique evaluation link for you. This link is meant to be shared with participants you don't have email addresses to.

The link is available on the "Evaluations" page.



And your work is done. While you focus on your teaching, Hubert chats with your students, sends reminders if necessary, interprets all feedback and then puts together a report for you.

After 7 days your evaluation closes. Shortly after, your results are ready and a notification is sent to your mail.

That's it - quick and simple.

If you have further questions - please consult our FAQ page or send us an email with all your thoughts. We're happy to help.

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