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Replacing surveys

Built to address your
feedback needs

Hubert is a perfect combination of chatbot technology and advanced text analytics. Engage your respondents in personalized conversations and gain actionable insights from automatically analyzed data.


It's not really magic but...

... it sure feels like it. Hubert is a conversational feedback tool built to save the world from boring surveys. Engage your respondents in personalized conversations and gain actionable insights from automatically analyzed data.

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Analyzed results

Advanced text analytics

Probe deep down into the minds of large audiences and learn what makes them tick. Free-text responses are the best way to extract insight, and Hubert will analyze and compile them for you.

  • Real, actionable results at lightning speed
  • Extract the essence from every conversation
  • Top strengths and improvables are highlighted

A surveybot’s legacy

Collecting massive amounts of insights

We're pretty proud of our little bot. Since the start, we've focused on user-friendly conversations that will engage even the most reluctant respondents. And we're constantly working on new ways to analyze and present the data that will matter most to your company from day one.

  • Thousands of daily sessions
  • Hubert understands 300 intents and counting
  • Trusted by the largest corporations world wide
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We want you to be able to try Hubert out and realize for yourself why he beats surveys for a living, totally free of charge. Start now and join the respondent data revolution. When you feel it's time for a upgrade we'll be there to help you set up every step of the way.



per user, per month (incl. VAT) +€0.03/additional conversation
  • 100 conversations/month
  • Anonymous
  • Ready-made templates
  • Support within 7 days



per user, per month (incl. VAT) +€0.03/additional conversation
  • 1.000 conversations/month
  • Track respondent activity
  • Formulate your own questions
  • Customized colors and branding
  • Advanced results
  • Email support within 48 hrs


3 499€

per user, per month (incl. VAT) +€0.03/additional conversation
  • Including growth features
  • 10.000 conversations/month
  • All channels
  • Org. structure
  • Phone support

What our dear users say about
switching to Hubert

Dr. Beitinger

“Hubert has helped us massively in uncovering ways to improve the working environment. Using open-ended conversations in combination with a powerful text-analytics engine, Hubert has helped us produce truly actionable data in a way that is unprecedented in the employee insights arena.”

Dr. Gunter Beitinger, Vice President
Manufacturing Siemens Factory Automation

“Very easy to complete and different from most surveys. It made the experience much more interesting”


“It was more interactive like I was having a conversation. I wish all surveys were like this.”

Professional using Hubert for workplace

“Allows me the freedom to express my opinions in an engaging and interactive way.”

Respondent after using Hubert

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