Feedback Ressurected.
We know exactly how hard it is to collect student opinions via surveys.
But honestly, who is surprised? Filling out surveys = boring.
Hubert is a chatbot trained to extract qualitative data in the same way any interview facilitator would.

Text analytics

Bringing you the needles from the haystack.
As classes grow to more than 35 students, analyzing feedback comments becomes a monumental task. Hubert is using a neural network trained on thousands of real feedback comments to identify trends and recurring themes.

Actionable data

Become the educator you always wanted to be.
Tired of guessing how to reach through to your students?
With, it's easy to see what most think should be kept and what could be improved.
Explore related comments to see what's behind Hubert's recommendations or download the entire transcript.

Features in development

Feedback is crucial for a focused development and we want to remove as many hurdles as possible to receive and act upon it. Here's what we're working on right now:

Hubert will soon take care of all your feedback needs, from end-course evaluations to class specific activities. Stay tuned and watch his question repertoire grow!

Tired of manually going through the evaluations of your courses to get an aggregated result overview? In a near future Hubert will take care of all your result aggregation! It will be possible to set up the structure for a whole institution, program or university and have Hubert aggregating the results for you.

If the first step is conducting one autonomous evaluation, then the second step is certainly to have an automated, ongoing feedback process for the whole course! Hubert is being trained, as we speak, to conduct continuous evaluations during the course of a whole semester, asking appropriate questions at the right time.

Hubert will help your teaching become smarter, faster and better.

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